The Story behind Thuyaa

Natural & handmade

I care deeply for the world I live in; the world I wish to leave in a better shape to my children and theirs…

As a mother of two children I wanted a simple and healthy lifestyle for my children. I wanted to give them the best of things that I received as a child from my parents like shikakai instead of shampoo, herbal powders instead of commercial soaps and many more including kitchen gardens.

In search of giving them the same care, I began hunting for chemical free personal care products. I was not able to find such a thing even in the simplest of soaps. It always contained some chemicals or parabens in direct or hidden nature even if they claim to be organic.

For the sake of my kids I started studying how to give them the exact chemical free personal care, leading me to discover Thuyaa….

I care deeply for my skin, your skin and the skin of our land – No Poison

The products I make for my kids are the ones in Thuyaa’s platform. My kids pick up the soaps from the curing racks of my ‘home soap kitchen’ and happily disappear in the dreamy, creamy, healthy leather and come out fresh from their bath. Now you know how safe my products are even for delicate skin like children’s.

Chemicals = Poison

I love tradition. I love to keep my engagement just like this. This is my pledge to you, my responsibility towards your skin, keeping it ‘Poison Free’ , driven by unflinched anchoring to my ethics.

And I always search for the highest quality ingredients at the best price so as to keep your thuyaa’s experience affordable.

This is all there to be known about thuyaa!


Is a pledge!

Is a responsibility!

Is all about ethics!

~Lakshmi Prabha,